Frequently asked questions

How does the Paper Free system work with Tracker?

All the paperwork required for an Apprenticeship under the new funding model 36 can be completed electronically, including the employer engagement process, the learner sign up process, learner progress tracking and completions. Tracker users such as employer engagement teams and assessors are able to use the dedicated Android / Apple app or if using a laptop the the web based online forms) to complete all the paperwork, and once connected to the internet the signed forms and the data can be sent DIRECT into the Tracker database.

Online or Offline - it's your choice...

During the sign up process all the forms can be filled and signed by the key people involved. ONLINE:- If the person responsible for getting the forms filled in and signed has access to a laptop and a good internet connection then it's fastest to complete the forms online. These forms can then be digitally signed using the laptop, OR the form can be transferred to an Apple iPad or an Android Tablet for signature and photo evidence. OFFLINE:- in the absense of a good internet connection, the whole process can be done on the Tablet without an internet connection. Once the forms are completed and a digital signature is captured, photo ID (IE a photograph of the learner and the employer's representative) can also captured using the front facing camera on the tablet. The data is stored securly on the tablet until a Wi-Fi or mobile connection is enabled and the data is then uploaded directly into Tracker.

Pre-filled forms speed up data entry when on-site with the learner...

Filling in a long form on a tablet is not really that efficient, so forms can be pre-filled with much of the information by downloading details from Tracker in advance. For example, the employer's name and address details can be added to the form, along with key details about the learner if known. Then, when the form is opened on the tablet all the prefilled details details just need to be checked and any remaining required fields can be entered prior to the form beign digitally signed.

Form design and branding can be updated easily...

Each form is customised to suit your exact requirements. Further changes to the layout including additional questions and data capture requirements can be added at very low cost. Company branding including logos and headers/footers is centrally controlled.

Capture any type of data...

Capture text, multiple choice answers, yes/no or pick-list answers, photographs of people or documents or evidence of any kind, geo-location evidence, and most importantly get the employer or learner to digitally sign the completed form.









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