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"The Jerks You Can Trust"

Our Story


One day an Australian Chef

by the name of Blake, crossed paths

with a South-African Salesman named Dain.

Little did they know that soon,

after Blake innocently brought over his latest 'Homemade Beef-Jerky'

that a partnership would form.


Created with the finest Top-Grade,

MSA Grain-Fed Australian Beef

and a mixture of Chef Blake’s

secret marinaded herbs & spices.


Then carefully dehydrated to a moist,

soft and delicious, sticky flavour,

with just the perfect amount of chewiness

- Blake had created something truly unique.


Locally hand-made on the crisp shores of

Scarborough, Western Australia.


Packaged with love for not only you, but the environment in our one-of-a-kind Resealable,

Freezer Safe, Meat-Friendly, Eco-Friendly,

BioPlastic packaging, created from

100% Bio-degradable Sugar-Cane!


Specialising as an E-Commerce

online based business, created by a Chef

who had an undying love for all things spice

(especially Chilli!) and of course taste-tested by a South African with a love for Biltong/Beef-Jerky

-  whatever you want to call it!


Together they had a vision, to bring their product

to all those true lovers of Beef-Jerky and

most importantly, work toward making

small changes together, towards a

bigger overall positive change.


They wanted to bring a whole new element of appeal to any of those who wanted to be a part of the club.


Together they created;

‘The Jerk’E’Club’