Tales of The JEC: Chapter 1

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

As many of you know, we've been one busy bunch of jerks here at the Jerk'E'Club. But this is only the beginning, and we're only going to get busier as our jerkin' family grows to epic (and even tastier) proportions. This new blog series, Tales of The JEC, is all about sharing our growth with you, our loyal and beloved customers, to whom we owe the ridiculous grins that are every day stretched across our faces. It's a story at heart, a tale which you're all a part of, and every tale starts with, well, the start.

So, where did we start?

It all started about three months ago, with the creative collision of Dain Murray and Chef Blake Harper in the northern suburbs of our coastal paradise, Perth. Sharing a batch of Chef Blake's latest homemade beef jerky and a handful of puns, an alliance was made, to the favour of all things flavour, and, driven by Dain's sales and business experience, it was soon made official (yes, on Facebook too).

With the business official, it was then up to the pair of jerks to license their premium craft beef jerky; source plastic-free, jerk-friendly packaging; and get themselves a licenced food premises. This was a learning curve for both of them, particularly securing biodegradable sugar cane packaging from a secret location across the world. But it paid off in the end, as, atop having a license for their healthy, fresh, and outright delicious product, they secured themselves the perfect premises, a club headquarters, if you will, at the local Scarborough Super Deli.

While having a place from which they could physically supply Perth with gluten-free goodness was a thunderous leap in itself, this duo of dried-beef overlords couldn't stop there. Within four weeks, they had built an online shop into their website, allowing their customers to order craft jerky from across the invisible threads of the interwebs. It resulted in a jerkin' huge increase in sales and inspired the pair to continue their rapid and unstoppable expansion.

With jerks all over Perth devouring low-preservative, low-salt beef jerky, Dain and Chef Blake took things to the next level by buying a sixty-inch disco ball. Not really. By procuring the Jerk'E'Club a company car, lathering it up good and nice with stickers, and getting on the road with business-to-business (B2B) delivery. Delivering anywhere between Yanchep, Northam, and Mandurah, they really are trying their best to jerk just about everybody.

Now that the road was open to Dain and Chef Blake, they followed the instructions that some culinary meat god must have been giving them and broke into the mobile pop-up stall game, setting up temporary stalls in Victoria, Forrestfield, and Bassendean, and fixing their eyes on many locations to come.

Have I forgotten to mention that, throughout all of this, everyone's jerky heroes, together with their team of loyal jerks, had raised over one thousand bucks between four different health, social, and environmental charities? With efforts like this, and with our unwavering values of health, sustainability, and community, it's easy to see why everyone reckons the Jerk'E'Club family are among the "best jerks in town," isn't it?

So, if that was the start of the tale, what's to come?

Well, we're going to be dishing out our lordly produce to masses of cultured jerks at two different festivals as part of Western Australia's Gourmet Escape, one in Margaret River, and the other in the Swan Valley. Yeah, that's right, and on top of that, we'll be barrelling into the summer season with market pop-ups and other events all over Perth and its surrounds.

So, who's the jerk that's been telling this tale?

I'm Nick Petrou, the newest jerk at the Jerk'E'Club, and I guess I'm also part of these exciting things to come.

That's where we'll close the storybook for tonight, jerks.

Keep your onions peeled for more chapters of Tales of Two Jerks. We look forward to jerkin' you all.

The Jerk'E'Club

"The Jerks You Can Trust"

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